Financial Analysis Services

Align your finance function with your company’s strategic priorities and create unprecedented value. Our world class corporate finance and financial analysis services will help you: (1) develop an understanding of what forces impact your goal or strategy through our budgeting/forecasting process; (2) analyze your current processes that affect your cash flow and implement revisions to ensure you’re maximizing cash going in and keeping tight controls on cash going out; (3)  ensure you have sufficient funding and cash flow to support your expansion plans; and (4) think through all your options to raise funds for your start-up or established business.

We also partner with  world-class firms to provide corporate finance solutions in areas of business valuation, turn-around/ crisis management and tax/accounting/payroll.

  • Budgeting/ Forecasting
  • Cash Flow Management
    • Process Analysis
    • Long Term Cash Flow Management Planning
  • Planning for Expansion
    • Initial Funding
    • Ongoing Cash Flow Requirement Analysis
  • Start-up cost/Initial Investment Analysis
  • Raising capital/ funding research
    • Funding Source Assessment
    • Business Grant Research and Application
    • Investor Grade Presentations