Case Studies

Below are a few examples of the types of projects completed by MGTS Consulting:


A growing engineering firm
  • Optimized and documented business policies and procedures for client and project evaluation, project on-boarding, project management, system security policies, system IT policies, system disaster recovery plans and interdepartmental communication and procedures
  • Project resulted in a 50% management time reduction for two engineers, which allowed them to focus on billable work


A national healthcare insurance carrier
  • Designed and implemented a sales targeting tool that predicts “winnability” and ROI of prospects with a 98% accuracy (a.k.a. whether the company should bid on a project)
  • Tool has allowed the company to quickly  and accurately identify projects to bid on resulting in 50% lower resource utilization at the contact bidding stage resulting in an annual saving of $1.8 million USD


A farm co-op with a retail outlet and direct distribution channels
  • This 360 performance improvement project included
    • Current process review, optimization and documentation
    • Marketing strategy development that included product offering optimization and new sales channel development
    • Cross functional synergy review
    • Workforce optimization


A start-up crop production and distribution company
  • Conducted a study to find an optimal location for initial operations
  • Prepared an investor grade business plan and presentation
  • Conducted market research and customer segmentation study
  • Developed a 12-month budget and a 36- month forecast
  • Project resulted in client receiving a $1.5 million USD grant


 A B2B commercial appliance parts wholesaler with storefronts on Amazon, Ebay and company website
  • Developed a sales and marketing strategy to transcend the Amazon/Ebay marketplace and develop its own website and brand marketing strategy


 A B2C clothing/ accessories retailer company with storefronts on Amazon, Ebay and Poshmark
  • Developed a business expansion strategy to allow future scalability and growth. Including:
    • Current processes analysis and documentation
    • Sourcing strategy development
    • Additional channel development
    • IT tools assessment for sourcing and financial reporting/ analysis/ tracking
    • Financial planning for growth, including a detailed 12-months financial model, cash flow and working capita need projections
    • Human resource assessment: availability, costs and regulatory aspects
    • Organizational structure for optimal tax consequences of expansion
    • Sales and marketing strategy to transcend the Amazon/Ebay marketplace and develop its own website and brand marketing strategy


 A national chain of after school education for Pre-K through middle school
  • Performed local market research into the desired consumer segments
  • Developed a customer segmentation study and client avatar
  • Provided recommendations on the best marketing channels to target customers, including print advertising, social media and community influencers


 An online platform for travel agents and planners
  • Conducted creditor communication/ negotiation for the purpose of debt reduction
  • Achieved an 80% reduction in total amount owed to creditors


 A company developing top of the line rescue boat technologies for the oil industry
  • Developed an expansion/growth strategy
  • Conducted financial and working capital planning sessions with company management, to support anticipated growth
  • Developed 24-month forecast of company financial statements
  • Negotiations resulted a $2 million USD credit facility increase from a commercial bank


An International Bank, Financial Services Division
  • Developed a process and IT infrastructure for sales channel data consolidation and reporting
  • Automated and streamlined the process of inbound and outbound feeds
  • Developed a process of checks and balances to ensure data security and integrity
  • Decreased human error potential
  • Achieved a 75% man hour reduction through automation of feeds and standardized reporting
  • Improved access to relevant reporting data from several days to three hours or fewer depending on the source of the feed


A New Zealand based software developer
  • Developed and implemented a US market entry strategy with marketing, sales, financial and capital components
  • Developed a full marketing strategy including: market research, customer segmentation, competitor analysis, targets entry points, pricing strategy, marketing and sales channels and an online presence


 A small behavioral healthcare insurer
  • Developed a small payor targeting strategy, including marketing and sales channels, pricing strategy and 24 months sales projections and targets


An international telecommunications company
  • Developed IT infrastructure to support a high availability solution for a billing application
  • Analyzed and optimized the development process that resulted in 35% reduction of time to market


A Credit Union
  • Developed, automated and supported operational process flow for the MIS department to ensure smooth, correct and timely processing of inbound and outbound feeds
  • Achieved a 50% reduction in man hours due to the streamlining and automating processes


A mid-size, international apparel company
  • Developed a top down performance improvement strategy for a mid-size organization with 22 different cost centers. Project included the following components:
  • Revealed cross-functional synergies in communication, purchasing, marketing and product development strategies to prevent cost and effort duplication
  • Streamlined procurement/purchasing processes and re-negotiated contracts with vendors
  • Achieved a 27% cost reduction