Management Strategies Consulting offers business management consulting services that focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities.

Management Strategies Consulting services include: business start-up assistance, cash flow management, profitability maximization, business planning, financial analysis, marketing, IT solutions, and entrepreneur and corporate education services. Our firm brings depth and practical experience to every project, and we always use a holistic, multi-dimensional approach to problem solving.

Our clients include start-ups and small to medium sized companies, in a wide variety of industries. Our commitment to each client is to provide objective advice and exceptional service.


There are many dimensions to your industry: IT, supply chain, financial/banking, legislative, public perception, customer service and many more. At Management Strategies Consulting , we use a multidimensional approach and deliver to our clients long term strategies, which encompass all the pieces of their industry, with contingencies for the moving parts. We don’t see our projects as singular events, but rather as long term partnerships with our clients to help them face all the “twists and turns” that a growing business faces.

At Management Strategies Consulting, we understand that businesses of different sizes face different complications. While challenges such as growing revenue, increasing profit and hiring employees are shared among businesses of various sizes, small businesses face other challenges, such as raising capital/funding and managing cash flow and need business consulting services geared specifically towards their unique needs. Our multidimensional approach considers all the factors, including business size and cash flow position, to develop fully customized solutions.

Our client solutions draw on our significant and multi-faceted corporate experience in multiple industries in order to isolate key factors that contribute to each client’s success.


MGTS Consulting approaches every client’s business as if it were our own. More than just an advisor, we put ourselves into our clients’ shoes in order to fully understand their needs and objectives and collaborate to unlock their full business potential.

Our first step in working with a potential client is to set up a discovery meeting during which we discuss the following with the client:

  • Nature of the client’s business and industry
  • Main business objectives
  • Current challenges and specific needs
  • Other related topics relevant to the specific project

We then put together a draft proposal incorporating the knowledge we accumulated during the discovery meeting. The proposal includes the following sections: (1) project objective; (2) detailed project scope; (3) detailed description of the deliverables; (4) timing of the deliverable; (5) fees; and (6) client authorization to start work.

We then have another meeting to discuss the draft proposal and ensure mutual understanding of the proposal components, and answer any questions or make revisions. During this meeting we also discuss the client’s preferred method of communication and progress reporting.

Some clients choose to receive weekly emailed progress reports, while others prefer having regular conference calls to discuss ongoing issues and progress. We will work with you to determine the communication method and style, which best fits into your and your staff’s busy schedule.

We will start work upon the receipt of a retainer equal to 50% of the agreed upon fees and a signed copy of the client authorization to start work.


MGTS Consulting is full of smart, driven people who care a lot about getting the project done right, and the relationships we build. Each member of our team is a specialist in his or her field. Together, we provide a suite of well-rounded business consulting services for every aspect of your business.

We work hard, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We enjoy what we do and we laugh… a lot.

It feels different to work with us.